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The Official Domain of E. Rochelle Potter

"All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players."
~William Shakespeare

If you accessed this page intentionally, then you apparently heard of me somehow (YAY!)

If you stumbled here by accident, welcome to the fray!

While accurate in his assessment, I doubt The Bard was considering the publishing industry when he penned those famous words!

     Remember the days of reclusive authors shrouded in question marks and intrigue; churning out their masterpieces from the confines of secluded safe-havens to be delivered to the publishing houses via trusted middle-men? Well those days are no more! (Or perhaps I've over-romanticized this notion to begin with.)

     While the title may suggest otherwise, this is NOT a Harry Potter fan page, though it IS about a platform. In order to be successful in the publishing world these days, a writer must be more accessible to their readers than ever before. People want instant access to everything through this miracle we call the internet, so here is where you can learn more about what makes E. Rochelle Potter tick.

So, why Platform 9 ¾ you ask?

     Platform  9¾ references three key aspects in one go: My platform (by use of the word), my insatiable appetite for reading (without Rowling’s contributions to the literary world, Platform 9¾ wouldn't exist) and my own last name (since “Platform 9¾ comes from the world of Harry POTTER.) Only this time the Potter in question is I!

     So, browse the menu at the top of the page, use the sidebar to be taken to recent posts. or click below! 

Meandering Musings

Home to my thoughts on writing. Here you'll find information on my endeavors as well as tips I've culled along the way. Caution: May also contain random thoughts, ranting and unsolicited opinions.


In short, what I'm currently reading with recommendations of personal favorites.


Not quite your typical "About Me" page.

Mischief Managed

AKA Current Activities, where you'll find doings of interest that have NOTHING whatsoever to do with writing.

Feel free to contact me and leave your comments. Have fun and thanks for visiting!

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Engaged In:

Triggerfish Twist

by Tim Dorsey

Questing for an agent as I develop chapter 1 of my new book


Witches, Ghosts & Other Haunts

Volume 2

The Silk Kitten

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Most Recent Mischief

Daily Inspiration:

Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Do what you can

~Arthur Ashe

 Coming Soon: 

Musing: Back Burner Syndrome


TikTok Goes the Clock

Services A forthcoming page for services I offer

Hats Off

A reference guide to those authors I highly recommend

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